Beauty Shops Salons
and Spas

New Wellness Arrangement Boosts Income


There is a new income opportunity for beautyshops salons and spas
because of the natural link between beauty and wellness.

The 2013 – 2014 implementation phase of the Affordability Care Act
(aka “Obamacare”) requires more wellness and preventative services
than traditional health providers can accommodate.

We can help you tap into that income regardless of the types of wellness services or products you may or may not offer now. Best of all, we can
help you do this without any cost or work from you.
But you must act now as time and opportunity are limited.

We are AHP WELL or Advanced Holistic Practice Wellness Inc.

AHP Well is a physician based clinical and educational consulting firm that provides clients and patients with state of the art health and wellness solutions. Founded in 1988, we combine the best of clinical medical practice with effective business and consumer health delivery models to provide health and wellness solutions that cut cost and improve care.
More Income:

*Develops an additional profit center income stream
*Support for products you sell
*Expand wellness product line
*Expand into hot new wellness area
Increased Client Loyalty:

*Extra benefits for clients
*Link to current clients and loyalty
*Draw for new clients
Better Practitioners:

*Better longevity, quality, professionalism of practitioners
*Referral and support with wellness and medical community
*Increased stature, and authority
*Easier CE and license renewal

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